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Former SBHS Student Kaleb Mclaurin Earns Full Arts Scholarship to Howard University

Former Sallie B. Howard School student Kaleb McLaurin recently earned a full arts scholarship to Howard University. It’s no small feat; the prestigious university only accepts one out of three applicants. A full-ride scholarship is rare, but Kaleb has worked hard and certainly deserves the honor.

Getting to Know Kaleb McLaurin

Kaleb McLaurin began his studies at Sallie B. Howard School in 2010. He left after graduating from eighth grade in 2013.

Kaleb’s gifts in acting and public speaking shone during this time. He became a theater major and started in plays and musicals. He even created a unique written monologue to recite for his eighth-grade graduation. Unfortunately, SBHS had no high school at the time and so Kaleb was forced to transition to the public school system.

Making the move to a public school wasn’t easy. Sallie B. Howard School provides personalized care and attention to help students succeed. At public school, Kaleb felt he was a number, not a unique individual. 

As a result of the move, Kaleb lost confidence in his acting and arts abilities. However, he was able to overcome his challenges thanks to everything he learned at Sallie B. Howard School.

“My time at Sallie B. Howard School was a pivotal moment for my self-development,” Kaleb states. ” I was given the opportunity to open up and express myself and utilize my talents in such a supportive environment. The presence of the arts and the diversity of teachings allowed for me to see the highest potential in myself and to shoot for the stars.”

What Now?

Kaleb, who is now in his senior year at Howard University, is studying electronic studio art. He hopes to use his skills and talents to create awareness of the issues humanity faces and create meaningful art in all forms.

Sallie B. Howard School is proud to help students like Kaleb reach for the sky and achieve their goals. We’re also proud to announce we now offer a full high school education, so our students don’t have to automatically leave upon graduating from eighth grade.

Sallie B. Howard is a free public charter school offering a top-tier education in arts to students of all ages and walks of life. We hold our students to high standards while providing the care, assistance, cutting-edge technology, and caring educators children and young people need to succeed. Our team looks forward to helping other young people like Kaleb McLaurin reach their full potential.


Sallie B Howard School on Instagram: “HOMECOMING🎉✨: We are so proud to welcome our class of 2013 8th grade graduate Kaleb McLaurin to Sallie B. Howard this Friday! Kaleb will…”

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