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We aspire to inspire!

SBHS is a free, public charter school offering a wholistic education to produce thinkers of the heart and citizens of the world.

Why Sallie B. Howard School?

Sallie B. Howard School of Arts and Science is a free, public charter school founded in 1997 in Wilson, N.C., that serves over 1200 students in grades K-12.



Nurture Students' Gifts, Talents & Potential.


Career Preparation in Performing Arts, Science & Humanities.


Culturally Diverse Faculty from 4 continents.

Sallie B. Howard Curriculum

The Sallie B. Howard School curriculum is based on the Common Core and Essential Standards as required by the state of North Carolina. This curriculum enables students to move progressively from Kindergarten through 12th grade while building on their essential skills as they matriculate. It also ensures that students graduating from high school are prepared to enter credit-bearing courses at two or four-year college programs or to enter the workforce (College and Career Readiness or CCR).
SBHS participates in the state testing program and administers all end-of-year tests as well as other assessments that state deems appropriate.

Arts & Education

Our Arts Program at Sallie B. Howard School is designed to provide extraordinary learning experiences that challenge students’ minds, stimulate creativity, and inspire self-expression and self-discovery. One of the purposes of our charter school is to provide parents and students with expanded choices in the types of educational opportunities that are not available within the public school system

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Dr. JoAnne Woodard (Founder, SBHS) and Sandeep Aggarwal (Assistant Director, SBHS)

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