Explore our Majors - Biotechnology

Biotechnology High School

The Biotechnology path at the Sallie B. Howard High School of Arts and Science offers a rigorous college preparatory curriculum with an emphasis on laboratory science and research. Biotech majors receive instruction in the fundamentals of biotechnology and bioethics and their applications within society.

Our Biotech program features:

  • A well-equipped research lab that allows students to undertake long-term research projects and engage in cutting-edge laboratory work.
  • A team of skilled instructors with vast experience at the lab bench and in the classroom; these instructors promote flexible thinking, strong laboratory skills and teamwork.
  • Opportunity for certification as a lab assistant and up to one year’s worth of college credit.
  • Internship and summer work placements as well as networking opportunities within the biotech industry.



Contact Biotech Instructor Brandi Simonof via the form below.

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