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Visual Arts

The elements of art and principles of design are the foundation of the SBHS Visual Arts Department. The Visual Arts classes are designed to provide students with a strong foundation in basic art skills and techniques. We teach our students how to be creative thinkers as well as how to look, talk, and write about art. We focus on drawing, painting, sculpture, and mixed media.

Our curriculum is based on the NC Standards for Visual Art. Students will learn how to connect visual arts to history, culture, heritage, and other disciplines such as math, science, and language arts. Additionally, we teach our students how to analyze and discuss art verbally and in writing. Students critique their own work and the works of others, as art critiques are essential to the growth of an artist.

4th – 12th Grade 

• Be prepared to draw a still life from observation. Paper and pencils will be provided.  

Students will show technical skills by drawing a still life containing a variety of simple three-dimensional objects.  The still life may possibly include fruit, plants, flowers, vases, bowls, or bottles.   


  • Drawing skills – accurately draw the objects that you see.  
  • Composition – the use of space on the paper and placement of the objects.  
  • Value –  the ability to shade and blend. (grades 6 – 12 only)  


2nd & 3rd Grade

Students will be asked to draw an object from observation. The objective is to draw the object accurately.  

Students will complete a coloring test. The objective is to color neatly and stay inside of the line.  

Students will draw a picture from their imagination. The teacher will provide a prompt and the students will draw a picture about it.  

Materials will be provided.  

Students should be completely silent during the audition process. Any student that talks, points will be deducted from their score.  

Positive attitudes should be displayed.  Points will be deducted if any student displays negativity.

Ms. Carrie Nobles earned her Masters of Fine Arts degree from Howard University. She is a professional artist and has exhibited her work in many galleries and museums nationally. Her goal is to provide students with a rich art experience that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and visual literacy. She helps students gain the skills they need to communicate their ideas effectively and make art that is personal and meaningful to them. She wants to empower students to think outside of the box and work like mini professional artists. See more of her work at

Contact:; 252-293-4150

Ms. Betty McGill teaches K-5 Visual Arts. She is a native of Fayetteville, N.C. and a graduate of N.C. Central University in Durham, N.C. as well as Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK. Ms. McGill is a highly-certified teacher who has taught for over 28 years!

Contact:; 252-293-4150

“Great creations start with a creative mind”


Our students were recently granted the opportunity to participate in a local grant project called Artsy Alley. A strong team of 6th – 8th grade students completed two large murals representing Wilson’s agricultural history. The murals are located downtown between the Centre Brick parking lot beside the new Whirligig Station redevelopment project and Barnes Street next to P.L. Woodard Hardware Store.

We enter many art competitions throughout the year, and have had past students win Gold Key awards in the National Scholastic Arts Awards.

Students in our elementary program have won the “NC Farm to School Calendar Art Competition.” We regularly seek opportunities to participate in public art projects and contests.

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