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Computer Basics

In Computer class, we explore and learn the basics of different content forms such as audio, images, animation, television and movie-making. The class encourages students to expand their creativity and establish a solid skill set. Students apply what they learn to produce content such as the weekly SBH broadcast, advertisements, presentations and various visual communications.

First Quarter – Students learn keyboarding techniques, computer parts (internal and external), computer terms/vocabulary, and computer online safety.

Second Quarter –  We learn to write letters (Formal /Informal) using MS Word and Google Docs; present presentations using PowerPoint and Google Slides; and continue correct keyboarding techniques.  We also join typing competitions.

Third Quarter – We begin completing projects on/about our Winter Break, Autism Awareness, Black History, Bus Driver Appreciation, Women’s History Month, etc.  Typing competitions continue.

Fourth Quarter – Our class learns about Google Sheets and MS Excel. Students are also introduced to coding and programming applications. We complete projects for Teacher Appreciation Week and the Art Gala. 

Be prepared to explain why you chose Computer Basics and to answer a few questions about yourself and technology.  Auditions are usually held during the first weeks of school.

Every student is expected to follow all classroom/lab rules and give their 100% for classwork, homework, projects, and presentations. Our class is fun, informative, hands-on, and most of all challenging.  Homework is assigned daily M-Th.

Debra Cooper Barnes studied Information Systems at Wilson Community College in 2000.  In 2005, she started teaching Computer Basics for grades K-5.  She has been teaching K-8 Computer Basics at SBHS since 2015.  

Contact:; (252) 293-4150 ext. 218

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