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Strength & Conditioning

The Strength & Conditioning class at Sallie B. Howard is aligned with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and the national standards established by the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance. Our goal is to provide students with the knowledge, skills and ability to evaluate their fitness throughout their lives, and feel empowered to take responsibility for their personal fitness level and a positive attitude towards physically active and healthy lifestyles.  Our Strength & Conditioning program is individualized to allow for different needs and levels of fitness.  Content topics will include the importance of regular physical activity, physical fitness components and measurements, fitness testing, interpreting fitness testing results, setting short and long term fitness goals, discovering  life-long activities and developing good characteristics.

Students will be asked to participate in a fitness exam that will involve endurance running, core strength, flexibility, and upper and lower body strength. 

I am interested in seeing students exhibit the following:

Webster’s dictionary defines “effort” as a vigorous and determined attempt.  I define EFFORT as being able to look yourself in the mirror and say you have given it your all.  If you can show integrity and never give up when it gets challenging and you work hard to complete the task, you are eligible for this class.  Being physically active is a challenge everyday.  Success is not given, it is earned, and when it’s earned, it is deserved.

  1. Give it your Best Effort.
  2. Show Integrity 
  3. Be Respectful of Each Other and Equipment
  4. You must Participate.
  5. No fighting 
  6. Demonstrate Good Sportsmanship
  7. Always Encourage Each Other
  8. Try New things 

Coach Rachelle Pierce began teaching Physical Education in 1997 with Sussex County Public Schools in her home state of Virginia where she graduated from High School. She joined Sallie B. Howard School in 2002 as a Physical Education Teacher and began the Athletic Program in 2007. Basketball is her first love. She played at the high school and collegiate level and has coached successful basketball teams for 25 years. Additionally, Coach Pierce loves helping young people learn about the benefits of exercise and building strong bodies, a strong work ethic, character, and having fun with activities they enjoy. As a Teacher and a Coach, she believes in giving her students challenges and pushing them to be the best.

Contact:; 252-293-4150

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