The Sallie B. Howard Chorus offers students an opportunity to participate in a vocal music program that is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in musical performance. The goals of the Chorus program are to expand students’ basic knowledge of music and history and develop their proficiency in music theory, vocal health, stage presence, ear training and tone development. Chorus students will also attend a variety of master classes, workshops and competitions.


Students majoring in Chorus can expect to learn the following:

  • develop a focused and supported vocal sound.
  • develop skills in sight-singing and music reading.
  • develop an awareness of techniques needed to produce harmonic balance.
  • identify and respond appropriately to musical terms.
  • develop a varied repertoire of selected choral literature.
  • develop a sense of responsibility to the group.
  • develop personal character traits of leadership, poise and dependability.
  • pursue music as an avenue of self-expression.
  • gain experience in evaluating live performances and recordings.
  • enjoy music through active participation.
  • utilize acquired musical skills in public performance.
  • become aware of career opportunities in music.


Audition Requirements

  • Pitch Accuracy
  • Prepare a song or sing what is given
  • Recognize Rhythm
  • Understand Solfege (a method of naming pitches…ie, “do re mi fa so la si”)
  • Comes prepared to class (appropriate attire, equipment/materials/homework).
  • Works collaboratively, supports fellow students and is a team player.
  • Manages time wisely and demonstrates discipline to manage a rigorous work load.
  • Represents the arts and the school with integrity.
  • Complies with regulations.
  • Demonstrates creative, innovative thinking.
  • Handles conflict and manages stress appropriately.
  • Reliable; is on time and ready to work.
  • Maintains a positive attitude.
  • Contributes to a supportive, collegial, artistic atmosphere.
  • Focuses on solutions when faced with a problem.
  • Work reflects high standards and artistic excellence.
  • Volunteers for additional tasks.
  • Demonstrates commitment to responsibilities outside of class.
  • Communicates effectively.
  • Adapts to change well and is flexible.
  • Accepts and manages leadership responsibilities well.
  • Embraces growth opportunities.


Manuel Martinez is the Sallie B. Howard Chorus instructor. A native of Wilson, N.C., he holds a bachelor’s degree in Vocal Jazz Studies from North Carolina Central University and is a graduate of Hunt High School. At NCCU, he studied under accomplished instructors Lenora Helm Hammonds and Maurice Myers and held leadership positions within the award-winning NCCU Vocal Jazz Ensemble, which once made the preliminary ballot for the 60th Grammy Awards.