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Get Your Children Reading This Summer With These Top Choices for Students

Reading doesn’t just impart knowledge. It also reduces stress, improves vocabulary and writing skills, and provides enjoyment and satisfaction. Check out the tips below for some great ways to help children of all ages enjoy reading to the fullest this summer vacation.

Reading With Younger Children

Children from 5 to 7 years old enjoy being read to, so set a time in your schedule that is “reading time.” You can make it special by bringing in snacks while you read, but the real treat for young kids is spending that time with you. Fun series that young kids are sure to love include the “Clifford” series and “Berenstain Bears.”

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Encourage your children to talk about what they like about the stories. You can even do arts and crafts related to the books you’re reading for added entertainment.

Older Elementary Students

Children who can read well on their own often enjoy picking their own books, but you can offer suggestions if your kids aren’t sure where to start. Some good series for this age group include “Magic School Bus,” “Magic Tree House” and “Great Illustrated Classics.” 

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Create a reading corner where your kids can relax with their favorite books. Having a reading chart with a prize for a certain number of books read can provide added motivation. Talk about what you read and study up on topics of interest related to reading projects if your kids want to learn more.

Preteens and Teens

A great way to motivate young people to read is to read yourself. Let your children see you reading and discuss books you enjoy at the dinner table. If there is a movie your kids like, encourage them to read the book, as it often contains information that doesn’t make it to the big screen.

Let your preteen or teen pick out his or her own books. Don’t worry if these aren’t “educational” books; reading by nature offers great benefits even if the genre is fantasy or science fiction. Some good series to consider include “I Survived,” “Hunger Games,” and Stuart Gibbs’ “FunJungle,” “Moon Base Alpha” and “Spy School” series.

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