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Let’s Get Organized! Use These Tips to Improve Your Child’s Productivity

We all know that organization increases productivity. However, convincing your child to get organized can be quite a challenge. These organizational tips will help your child improve productivity at home and at school, laying the foundation for a productive education and life. As parents, use these tips to help your child get and stay organized for greater success now and in the future.

Break Everything Down into Bite-Sized Pieces

The saying goes, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” Large tasks can seem intimidating. However, if you break the task down into multiple, bite-sized chunks, it feels much smaller and simpler to accomplish. The same holds true for household chores, school projects, etc. This process also allows children who struggle to stay focused the opportunity to take small breaks between each step.

Teach Them to Use a Calendar/Planner

The earlier you teach your children to embrace the use of a calendar and planner for school and other important tasks, the better it will serve them in life. Whether it is a virtual planner or a physical one, the acts of making lists, setting deadlines, and creating achievable goals teaches important lessons, provides a sense of accomplishment, and allows your child to tackle and overcome many challenges.

Clear Out the Clutter

Organization is as much mental as it is physical. It’s difficult to remain organized in a cluttered, chaotic, and disorganized space. Clear out the clutter in your home, in your child’s room, and in your child’s school bag. When everything has a place and everything is in its place, your child will have an easier time relaxing to study and learn. More importantly, your child will be able to find the tools needed to complete school tasks.

Become an Example

Work to be an example of organization your child will want to follow. The better organized you and your home are, the better example your child has to follow when it comes to organization. When your child sees you cleaning out your bags daily, preparing for the next day the night before, and using your own calendar/planner to set deadlines, create goals, and make “to do” lists, it will teach them that these things are important and should be priorities.

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