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March Is Expand Girls’ Horizons in Science and Engineering Month

It’s March and that means it’s time to celebrate “Expanding Girls’ Horizons in Science and Engineering Month.” This month is dedicated to helping young girls get interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) courses.

In recent years, there has been a slight growth in the number of women graduating in science and engineering — up from 22,020 in 2015 to 24,705 in 2019 — but the fields remain dominated by men.  The percentage of women in science-related fields fluctuated between 24% and 26% during that time, showing there’s still a big gender gap that needs to be filled.

“Don’t let anyone rob you of your imagination, your creativity, or your curiosity. It’s your place in the world; it’s your life. Go on and do all you can with it, and make it the life you want to live.”
– Mae Jemison, first African American woman astronaut in space

Honoring Female Scientists

The month is about promoting STEM and honoring female mathematicians, doctors, engineers and scientists for their important contributions to their fields. Doing so will help girls realize the many exciting opportunities that await them.

As Star Trek actress and former NASA ambassador. Nichelle Nichols puts it, “Science is not a boy’s game; it’s not a girl’s game. It’s everyone’s game.”

Encourage Your Daughter to Love STEM

As a parent, you can take part in encouraging your daughter to love the sciences. STEM education is important for your child, as it expands her knowledge and allows her to contribute to society.

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