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Spotlight: ASHYA THOMAS – 9TH Grade, SBH High

By: Aaliyana B.

Ashya Nasunique Thomas is a 14 year-old entrepreneur who officially began her business journey at the age of 13 last year when she launched NasUnique Cosmetics, a brand consisting of lip gloss, skincare, and more. She absolutely loves to see her customers feeling cuter, prettier, and more confident than ever after using her products!

She was inspired to start a business when, around the age of 10, she discovered what the word “entrepreneur” meant. After that she immediately began to do research about it, which introduced her to business management. As an entrepreneur, Ashya’s goal is to empower other young girls and women. I’m telling you, we need more young women like Ashya!! Cause woooo child!

Read on to learn more from our first entrepreneur spotlight!

AB: What inspired you to start your business?
Ashya: What inspired me to start my business was the mindset of being “MY OWN BOSS.”

AB: Ok queen, purrrr! Considering there are a lot of small lipgloss businesses, what makes your business different from the rest?
Ashya: Unlike other lip glosses, which are thick and sticky, our moisturizing lip glosses are smooth, non-sticky and smell amazing. They also cater to women of all ages, so whether you prefer clear gloss or glitter, we’ve got you covered.

AB: So you’re telling me I can buy my momma a gloss too? Nice! Were your family and friends supportive of your business and accomplishments? What was their first reaction?
Ashya: My friends and family were supportive of my business. The love and support they showed was overwhelming, but I took in every bit of it. My family has always been supportive of everything I do, so when it came down to making my vision of Nasunique Cosmetics come together, they sacrificed and dedicated so much.

AB: Lord I wish I had my life this put together I still don’t know what I plan on eating tonight! (sigh) I know many people want to start a business, but don’t have a good platform for their products to be showcased. How did you go about getting more viewers and customers, and basically getting your name out there?
Ashya: The way I go about getting my business name out there is by using different social media platforms such as Instagram (@nasuniquecosmetics), TikTok (Nasunique Cosmetics), Facebook (Nasunique Cosmetics) and Pinterest (Nasunique Cosmetics). I also have four amazing brand ambassadors that showcase my products and give reviews to help me increase my sales.

AB: How do you deal with school and still have enough time to work on your business?
Ashya: It’s difficult to find a balance between school and business, so I manage to stay on a decent schedule by knowing my priorities. I know that my education is important, which means it has to come before my 2 business. And what is it to have all the money in the world, but have no education? Although I want to dedicate more of my time to my business, I must keep my priorities in mind and acknowledge them.

AB: What tips do you have for teen entrepreneur hopefuls or even adults?
Ashya: Remain consistent and be patient! Your business will not just blow up overnight. You must continue to put in the hard work in order to see results. Also, Be Unique. Be Creative and Be different. Find ways to make your business or brand stand out.

AB: How can we find you and your business?
Ashya: Instagram -nasuniquecosmetics

That’s it, guys! I hope you enjoyed learning about NasUnique and Ashya Thomas and how she started developing her new business! She is an example that age does not matter! You can be just as great as anyone in this small business industry. It just takes hard work and dedication. So go to her website and make a purchase now or else! I’m just kidding [or maybe not ].

See you next time for Operation Entrepreneur!

On Ashya’s website , you can find a variety of products, including:
-moisturizing lip gloss
-hydrating lip oils
-conditioning lip scrubs
-homemade exfoliating body scrubs
Ashya also provides T-shirts, which hopefully in the future will become a business of its own. Impressive for a 14 year-old!
Ashya’s beautiful brand ambassadors each have a promo code that will take 25% off your purchase!
Taylor’s code is Taeoff
Sarah’s code is Andri08
Aaliyana’s code is XoAli
Tilaya’s code is Tea25
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