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Self-Esteem and Student Achievement Go Hand in Hand

Many students struggle with self-esteem, which can impact their academic goals and other aspirations now and in the future. Recognizing the signs early is beneficial in helping them gain self-confidence and lessen the chances of anxiety, loneliness and depression.

Early signs of low self-esteem can be found in students who have difficulty making friends, get frustrated quickly over difficult tasks, get anxiety with the thought of failing, do not want to try new things, or have adopted a mindset where they aren’t motivated or interested in anything.

These tips can help you boost your child’s self-esteem and position them for years of academic success:

Help Them Take Ownership

Students who take ownership of their learning and accomplishments usually do well. Teachers and parents can provide opportunities for them to make their own decisions regarding assignments, giving guidance on how to do them, and outlining the consequences of good and bad grades.

Provide Acknowledgment

Receiving acknowledgment when doing something well is exciting for anyone. Students who are praised for doing great work tend to aspire to do even better the next time. Focusing on the positive lets them know their teachers and parents are paying attention and care about their growth, learning, and wins. Teachers who give positive feedback to the entire class usually see progress in all their students.

Set Realistic Expectations

Putting too much stress on a student can result in negative outcomes. There must be limitations and realistic expectations that the student can comfortably manage for them to succeed.

Encourage Growth

The objective of learning and life is to grow. There will be times when the student may not do as well on an assignment, and that is OK. Use those moments to point out what they did well and how they can apply that lesson to do better in the future. Giving them something positive to work toward makes a world of difference.

Avoid Comparisons

One of the biggest blows to a student’s self-esteem is being compared to someone else. Teachers and parents must embrace students as the individuals they are, addressing their unique needs. Sallie B. Howard School is dedicated to ensuring that every child – privileged or underprivileged – gets the kind of education that will allow them to become more than they ever thought they would be.

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