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The Importance of Uniforms and Dress Codes in SchoolThe Importance of Uniforms and Dress Codes in School

A public school dress code is a good idea, but it can’t offer all the benefits that mandated uniforms provide. Following are some of the many benefits of joining a school that requires students to wear matching uniforms.

Eliminating Distractions

Children are often distracted by what they wear, what their peers wear, and what others may think about what they’re wearing. Uniforms eliminate distractions, so children can focus on their studies rather than appearance.

Reducing Bullying

Sadly, it’s common for bullies to pick on children based on what they’re wearing. This can lead to poor academic performance in certain children or even a desire to skip school altogether. Required uniforms eliminate this problem as bullies cannot single out “poor” students based on their appearance.

Building Camaraderie

Children want to feel part of something important. Uniforms build camaraderie as students come to appreciate being part of a public school that offers a top-tier academic education along with other programs designed to develop their talents. This, in turn, boosts academic performance.

Improving Safety

School excursions and field trips are a great way to help students learn important things in a fun and entertaining manner. School uniforms make it easy for teachers to keep track of students as they explore without fear of them getting lost.

On campus, school uniforms enable teachers and security personnel to easily spot intruders, as anyone not wearing a uniform stands out like a sore thumb.

Preparation for Life

The purpose of schooling is to prepare your students for life. As part of this preparation, students need to not only learn academic skills but also the importance of meeting employer standards.

It’s not uncommon for companies to have a strict dress code or even uniform requirements. Helping children learn they can’t always dress as they please right now will enable them to easily adapt to the workplace once they’re older. To this end, Sallie B. Howard has recently developed new high school uniforms designed to help young people get used to wearing casual business attire.

Sallie B. Howard is a public charter school specializing in helping children of all ages and walks of life reach their full potential. To help accomplish this goal, we require students of all ages to wear uniforms on campus, although the attire varies depending on age and gender. Check out our video (starting at time stamp 6:16) to better understand our dress code rules, or call us at your convenience for more information.

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