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The Power of Positivity Rules for Both Students and Parents

To keep school a fun and exciting experience, it takes some strategizing and awareness, especially for families dealing with the challenges of remote learning. As a parent, there are things you can do to maintain balance and positivity as you struggle to meet the demands of work, home life and homeschooling your child.

When you feel overwhelmed or stressed, it can affect your ability to sleep and think clearly. Your success often comes down to how you look at a particular situation. Additionally, your child can sense your emotions, no matter how much you try to conceal them.

Let’s explore ways that both parents and students can stay focused and positive during these trying times, and make the most of each precious day.

How Can Parents Find Joy in Daily Tasks?

Through self-care and awareness, you can stay positive and help your child succeed. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Find time for yourself in the morning. If you drink coffee or tea, get up a little early to have a nice cup of your favorite beverage. Use this time to prepare for the day and enjoy a little peace. This helps you get started in the morning, and it can also help you recharge in the afternoon or evening if you feel stressed.
  • Connect instead of correcting your child. Children who feel connected to their parents listen better and want to please them. If your child acts out, first connect with them before pointing out the bad behavior and asking them to stop. Children often act out when they need help, feel frustrated or want attention.
  • Speak calmly. Take a deep breath before speaking if you feel angry or need to redirect your child’s attention.
  • Pad your schedule to avoid stress. If you plan out your day to the minute and try to work, oversee your child’s education and fit in family time, you could end up completely overwhelmed. Leave gaps of time to have a conversation with your child or take a moment for yourself.
  • Use positive speech. When you look in the mirror, don’t make negative comments about yourself that you internalize. Instead, find ways to express self-admiration for everything you do. When you have good self-esteem, your child will likely model that behavior.

What Are the Best Ways Students Can Keep a Cheerful Outlook?

The ways that students can stay positive overlap the advice for parents. Here are a few ways for children and teens to stay positive and focused:

  • Celebrate your accomplishments. In today’s world, children face a steep learning curve when it comes to technology and coursework. This is particularly true when navigating internet connection problems, chasing down teachers for clarification, and doing all the work in an isolated environment. When you get a good grade or receive praise from your teacher, tell your parents, your friends, and yourself how great you’re doing.
  • Practice gratitude. When you thank someone else, it makes you feel happy. You can also rebuild relationships strained by remote education. So, the next time your friend or teacher does you a favor or makes home learning easier, remember to say thank you.
  • Stop to think before reacting. To maintain a peaceful environment at home or school, pause before reacting to something you may not agree with. If you hear others complaining about test results or homework, you may find yourself getting emotional, too. Instead, take a breath and think of something else. Wait until you’ve had time to process the change before reacting to it.

Importance of Staying Positive

Finding ways to stay positive can make your days more enjoyable and help you stay relaxed even during challenging times. Whether you’re involved in the performing arts or need your creative energy to become an effective scientist, staying positive gives you the confidence you need to weather setbacks. 

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