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Transforming Students to Virtual Learning in the 21st Century

For generations, families have sent their students out into the world to learn at schools. Today, however, many students are trying to learn from home. The internet and virtual learning make this shift possible, but online learning also comes with a lot of challenges. 

Looking for ways to help your child have positive outcomes in an unfamiliar online learning environment? Keep these tips in mind. 

How Can Educators Improve Virtual Learning for Students?

When educators are being broadcast into a student’s home, they face a new host of challenges. They must compete for attention with all the toys, devices, and other home distractions while at the same time engaging the student over the screen instead of in real life. 

To be successful, educators may want to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Stick to a routine. Students tend to be more comfortable if they know what to expect and when to expect it. 
  • Make sure your students have the right technology to keep up with lessons.
  • Keep students engaged with interactive technology such as online quizzes. 
  • Connect personally with students whenever possible. 
  • Let students interact with each other by setting up group projects or break-out sessions. 

How Can Parents Support Online Learning?

Parents always play a significant role in their children’s education, but when your child is at home, this role becomes even more critical. To suppf ort your child’s effort to learn remotely, check out these ideas:

  • Set up a dedicated study space for your child. 
  • Talk with your children about online safety. 
  • Help create a calm environment that is conducive to concentrating.
  • Be positive. If your children see you embracing the process, they may be less reluctant to learn online. 
  • Help your child set learning goals.
  • Make sure your child has the right technology. 
  • Let your child take frequent breaks for exercise to help their concentration.

Collaborating to Help Your Student

Ideally, parents and educators should communicate about their efforts. Then, they can collaborate in ways that foster learning and improve the process for the student. 

At the Sallie B. Howard School for Arts and Science, we believe in having parents and educators collaborate. Whether we’re online or in person, we offer our students a holistic education to help them think with their hearts and become students of the world. To learn more, contact us today. 

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