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Debunking Some Myths About Charter Schools

Have you been considering a charter school for your children? There are some common misconceptions that don’t always come up in conversation. Let’s take a look at a few of them and discover the truth about an excellent educational opportunity for children of all ages.

Myth No. 1: Charter schools aren’t public schools

Many people assume that charter schools aren’t part of the public school system. In fact, they are public schools and are funded by taxpayer dollars. Charter schools do have to follow the same laws as other public schools, but can implement their own curriculum to meet the needs of their students.

Myth No. 2: Charter schools are expensive

Charter schools are free to attend. Parents who want their children to attend have a choice of whether they enroll in a public school or a charter school. Popular charter schools can have waiting lists because of the attractive programs offered there.

Myth No. 3: Charter schools don’t have extracurricular activities

Parents are often misinformed about the extracurricular activities available at charter schools. They provide a plethora of extracurriculars, including performing arts, physical education and sports teams. It’s safe to say that anyone who wants a well-rounded education can have an equal opportunity at a charter school.

Myth No. 4: Charter schools are private schools

Many people believe that charter schools are private schools. But, they are not private schools and can receive their funding from the state. The only difference between a charter school and a traditional public school is that they have more freedom to be creative with how they teach.

Myth No. 5: Charter schools are for-profit schools

Another misconception is that charter schools are for-profit schools. Actually, they must have a nonprofit status that you can easily request or discover if you search for charter schools near you K-12. Nonprofit schools mean that the school does not have a profit motive and serves an educational purpose. You can visit their website to see this status.

Looking for More Information on a Charter School? Contact Sallie B. Howard School

For more information about charter schools and how they can benefit your child, contact Sallie B. Howard School. We have a variety of programs that are sure to suit your child’s needs, giving them the best educational experience possible.

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