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Unlock Your Writing Potential: Top Essay-Writing Tips for Students of All Ages

The ability to write essays is a skill that will be valuable to you for a lifetime. Whether you’re a high school student working on a research paper, an elementary school student writing an essay about your summer break or a senior writing an essay for college admissions, honing your essay-writing abilities is crucial.

Essay writing doesn’t need to be hard! Here are some tips to simplify the process:

Choose a Topic Carefully

Choose an essay topic that is personal to you in some way. It could be about a personal experience, something you’re interested in learning more about, or something you already know something about. Making the essay personal will make the experience more pleasant and give it a ring of truth that your readers will appreciate.

Choose an Interesting Angle

Don’t just write about a topic head on. Choose an angle that is interesting; one that few people may have considered or know about. For example, instead of simply writing about what you did during your summer vacation, approach it from an angle that shows how you changed. Maybe some little experience made you see life from a new perspective, or you learned something new about your friend or a neighbor. Consider new approaches to common subjects to add interest to your essay.

Break the Essay Into Pieces

Writing an entire essay can feel overwhelming, even for seasoned writers. It helps to break down the larger task of essay writing into smaller pieces that are easier to confront. For instance, a 1000-word essay is really just three short, 300-word pieces. If that still feels overwhelming, break it down into five, 200-word bites. Then, manage your time and write one piece at a time, spread out over several days, until the essay is complete.

Make an Outline

Before you begin, make an outline with the various sections you want to include. Knowing how your essay is planned out ahead of time will give you a kind of map to follow that will lead you to the finish line!

With these pro tips you’ll be a skilled essay writer in no time. The Sallie B. Howard High School of Arts and Science is a free, public charter school that follows a curriculum that enables students to move progressively from kindergarten through 12th grade, building on their essential skills as they grow. Contact us to learn more about our programs.

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