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Students’ academic growth and understanding are monitored through various assessment tools throughout the year to ensure that they are meeting the rigorous academic needs of their grade level. Common Formative Assessments (CFA) take place multiple times during the quarter to assess student understanding of work covered. End-of-Quarter (EOQ) Assessments are given to determine mastery of all concepts taught during the quarter. 

The CFA and EOQ grade weighs heavily (55%) on the total grade. Students complete an End-of-Year (EOY) Assessment to demonstrate mastery of all work covered during the year. This assessment is given prior to EOG assessments to check student readiness for state assessments.

Graded work and tests are sent home weekly to inform parents of their child’s progress and to give them the opportunity to work with their child on academic areas that need improvement. Detailed study guides prepared by teachers are sent home for parents to effectively work with
their child.

Work habits are a feature of class and homework assignments. Specific work habits are used in ELA, Math, Science and Social studies for students to process information at the highest level.

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