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Corrective Math & Corrective Reading

Corrective Mathematics

Corrective Mathematics provides intensive support for students in grades 3 to 8 who have trouble with basic math concepts, operations, or word problems. Use this series in at-level, intervention, or special education classrooms to supplement a high-quality core mathematics program. Corrective mathematics boosts computation and problem-solving skills.

The program contains:

  • Seven strategic modules covering skills and concepts many students find confusing.
  • Placement testing that provides a plan to identify which modules to teach.
  • Mastery testing that ensures students acquire the skills taught before moving on to new skills.

Corrective Reading

For readers who struggle with decoding and comprehension, Corrective Reading focuses on decoding and comprehension, two skills crucial for readers in grades 3 and up who are one or more years behind. It addresses the wide range of deficits many older learners face and gives them the structure and practice they need to overcome those deficits.

The program contains:

  • Multiple entry points so students can start at their appropriate skill levels.
  • A Decoding strand that teaches vocabulary, structure, and concepts found in “book language”.
  • A Comprehension strand that teaches students to write, think, and speak.
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