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Students Dance Their Way to Greatness at the Sallie B. Howard School

The Sallie B. Howard School of Arts & Science is a public charter school in Wilson, North Carolina, with over 1,000 students. Its award-winning K-12 Dance education program maintains a high standard of excellence as it cultivates talented young dancers, preparing them for competitive dance and admission to college dance programs.

Sallie B. Howard Students Showcase Their Talent

Students have opportunities to showcase what they have learned in the Sallie B. Howard School’s Dance program. One such example is this beautiful and uplifting performance of “The Nutcracker” recorded in December 2022. The exhilarating production features stunning costumes, lively set designs and, of course, an exuberant student troupe supported in their dance aspirations.

Importance of Performing Arts for Our Students’ Futures

The Sallie B. Howard School of Arts & Science has built a student culture of artistic exploration and pathways to achieving goals in the performing arts. Our leadership shares a deep understanding and appreciation of the necessity of a robust arts program for the enrichment of students and society.

Dance, theater and art play a large, collective role in developing well-rounded students who are prepared for college with plans to embark on any field of study in the arts or sciences. Especially for students preparing for advanced studies in dance, the Sallie B. Howard School’s Dance Department provides the ideal foundation. For students aspiring to succeed in professional dance auditions, this early program is indispensable.

Sallie B. Howard School of Arts & Science

The Sallie B. Howard School won a 2021 National Blue Ribbon School Award for educational excellence. This recognition is another strong indicator of our success in the endeavor to prepare students for leadership in their communities and the world. We offer one of the United States’ exceptional, free public charter school opportunities for K-12 students to engage in dance as part of their curriculum.

For more information about the Sallie B. Howard School of Arts & Science, call (252) 293-4150, or begin the enrollment process online.

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