Beginning Teacher Support Program

Sallie B. Howard School is committed to providing excellent support to its beginning teachers. We support all of our beginning teachers through constant mentoring, extensive assistance through grade-level meetings, PLC’s and ongoing professional development. Our master teachers serve as mentors and provide beginning teachers with one-on-one training.

Mentors co-plan, co-teach and model best practices for their mentees to aid in their professional growth. Our goal is to help our beginning teachers become future master teachers, teacher leaders and skilled administrators.

Did you know?

  • If you are in the first three years of your teaching career, NC considers you a Beginning Teacher.
  • As a Beginning Teacher at Sallie B. Howard, you will be assigned to a trained mentor who is an experienced teacher at our school.
  • Your mentor will observe lessons in your classroom throughout the year and offer suggestions for continued growth.
  • Your BT Coordinator will facilitate monthly meetings tailored to your needs as a Beginning Teacher.
  • All Beginning Teachers have access to staff development opportunities designed to enhance classroom instruction.
  • Professional Learning Teams at our school allow Beginning Teachers to collaborate with peers on issues related to learning and teaching.