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The Spanish Class at Sallie B. Howard School is designed for beginner students with little to no prior knowledge or exposure to the Spanish language. Students are introduced to the sound system and grammatical structure of Spanish. The focus is on developing skills in the areas of listening, speaking, basic reading, and writing. By the end of the year, the student will have a basic understanding of vocabulary, including word formation, verb conjugation, idiomatic expressions and cognates. 

Students will also acquire knowledge of the geography, culture, and people of the regions where Spanish is spoken and learn of Spanish-speakers’ contributions to North American and world cultures. Active participation in class, homework preparation, and memorization are essential to succeed in this class.

Upon successfully completing a Spanish class, students should be able to:


I am Mrs. Santamaria and I love teaching Spanish and sharing my language and culture with my students! I want to inspire them to be intercultural and open-minded. Spanish is my first language. I teach Spanish to give my students a skill that can be useful for their entire lives. I want to open my students’ eyes to different cultures and ways of life. Teaching Spanish is a way to encourage them to see the world differently and to be able to connect with more people.

I believe that when you introduce young children to a second language, you give them a chance to become fluent speakers and gain access to countless professional opportunities later on.

Here are some ways that teaching your children Spanish will expand their minds and enrich their lives:

Check out our class in action!

Mrs. Santamaria
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Phone: (252) 293-4150

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